[Come here my twinsie, I have a shot gun, from The Secret World. 8D And I have a life time supply of ice cream! 8D]

((MAh nigga james. an FAL  and fucking empanadas. Ima survive ))

[[Come on, Rav, we’ve got to go kick some Zombie butt with chainsaws and twinkies. Kinda reminds me of that movie… whats it called? Zombieland. Yuhp. Imma kick some ass.]]


Me + Jones + Machetes + Taters Tots…

We would so kick some Zombie’s Asses.

Me, my ex boyfriend Mike…. Hidden blades/swords and sandwhiches.

this will be one hell of a story.

(( B-Bby, a blocky sword of diamond, and fried chicken.. Only foreseeable problem is my arms getting tired.. And B-bby not liking chicken..))

ooc: Bro, cael hammer (bastion), pasta with sauce



(( Seraphinemun, Kyokomun, and Koimun *In an off-tumblr chat*. and my weapon was a Geno Breaker while playing “Zoids Battle Legends”, and the last thing I ate was sloppy joe.


(( sooo~ I’m with Vee-mod~<3 and i have a metal pipe (me gusta~ ) a and we have a life time supply of mangoes…. sweeeeeet! ))

(Axelwolf):axellina`s mod……..Fuel rod gun……and Chicken

((C’mon Grandpa, we have a retarded rabbit and a lifetime supply of carrots))
Josh, a diamond sword, and fried chicken. I AM SO SET.


Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps.


I think I’ll manage.

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    Additionally, my bro just IM’d me over skype because he saw this post - he’s actually 6’1”, he himself will be surviving...
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    Maggie, 3dmg, ravioli
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    So Butterly is my fellow survivor, I can fight with a pickaxe, and I have to live off of chef Boyardee. Butterly better...
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    My friend Ethan^, a diamond sword,and an unlimited supply of cream-cheese bagels.
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    My ex girlfriend and my daughter, the bow if varus, and amazing pizza.
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    A potential serial killer, vector smg, and tri tip BBQ sammich, im great
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    Jay Bow and Arrow Bagel Not bad.
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    My boyfriend Zach, hidden blades from Assassin’s Creed, and nachos. I’m happy about it.
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    hwd405, the Home-Run Bat from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Chicken Wings and Chips from the Wing-Wah down the road.
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    My mate Dale, the Bullpup rifle (GTA V) and spagboll.
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    Kyra, minecraft diamond sword and potato chips
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    I got my friend nicole the fandom freak, Fire Staff, and Ham and cheese sandwhiches. I’m pretty good.
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    A sexy bear friend, an arcanine, and fudge marshmallow cookies. I think I’m ok:3
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    MomMy own tearsMac and cheese sandwich…I’m dead before I started.
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    Q, a hatchet from Don’t Starve, and Cheese-its. fiteme
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    My friend Alise, and a bastard carbine from the FONV mod and spaghetti , not too fucked.
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    A close friend, a dagger with +7 enchantment (courtesy of DCSS)„ and PIZZA. Not happy about being stuck with a dagger,...
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    (( my friend kate, a fire aspect, and unbreaking diamond sword, and baked potatos. I WILL SURVIVE!!))
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    ThomasEnchanted Diamond sword (minecraft)Ramen noodlesIm gonna live.
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    Surviving with iarescientists, piloting a Gundam, and eating a lifetime supply of Cosmic Brownies. I’m pretty sure we’ll...
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